Playing in the rain…….

play in the rain

Yes! The rain is back!

The question is do you get to enjoy it? Or do you dread it? If we let children do as they please, they LOVE playing in the rain and it’s a most marvelous sensory experience! They don’t care about getting wet (as long as they get dry again afterwards), they don’t care about the mud splashes, they just don’t worry about things getting ‘messy’.

The fall is a wonderful season of different experiences for our sensory system – wet, cold, windy…….. those are important experiences to have. So let’s enjoy them, play with your children in the rain and make a muddy mess!


Learn through play

I’m just getting ready to get on my soap-box again.

Could we just please let children play??? We are creating

play is learningno space for kids to just hang out, play, figure things out together, learn about each other, boundaries, rules, agreements, relating, etc. etc. etc. Children do a phenomenal job when left to their own growth – as adults we shouldn’t be there to tailor make that process to what WE think a child needs to learn. Children have an uncanny ability to learn exactly what they are ready for, when they are ready for it.

Adults, school, society and church coming up with standardized processes on what each child should learn, just does not work! We then create children who start resenting learning, because it is not where they are in their developmental process. Then we end up with kids who are not motivated do learn at all, because what they HAVE to learn is so removed from their actual life and life experience.

We are wonderful, creative, inventive, amazing, insightful, smart, delightful and inspiring beings when we are children, let’s feed and nurture that!

Stepping of soap-box.