What people say

May 2015

“Thank you, Lucia, for your treatment. I have been experiencing my world more completely as my brain seems to have awakened. You are an amazing and talented woman and healer. Thank you and please let others know that I highly recommend your work…. I am a changed woman. Thank you!”

Trudy Schorzman, LMT

February 2015
“My 8 year old son was having difficulty reading, and was getting discouraged.  He was really unable to make sense of the letters, and it was starting to affect his behavior at school.  No amount of tutoring seemed to help.  We went to Lucia Soppe, and after only one visit it just clicked for him.  Within a few days he began to read books, street signs, menus, now he’s reading everywhere.  He’s happier at school and more confident of his abilities.  We’re very pleased, and thankful to Lucia for her help.”
Janet Keating

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