Playing in the rain…….

play in the rain

Yes! The rain is back!

The question is do you get to enjoy it? Or do you dread it? If we let children do as they please, they LOVE playing in the rain and it’s a most marvelous sensory experience! They don’t care about getting wet (as long as they get dry again afterwards), they don’t care about the mud splashes, they just don’t worry about things getting ‘messy’.

The fall is a wonderful season of different experiences for our sensory system – wet, cold, windy…….. those are important experiences to have. So let’s enjoy them, play with your children in the rain and make a muddy mess!


4 thoughts on “Playing in the rain…….

  1. And if you don’t want muddy clothes, let them play in the rain in the nude! easy peasy clean-up! if it’s warm enough, hose them down, if not, directly into the mudroom shower! I wish i had access to a photo i have of my daughter covered head to toe in mud with nothing else on but her party beads!

  2. you know what else it makes me think of? i was taught by an elder to let small babies cry because it nourishes & strengthens their still growing small intestine. sort of like another form of sensory stimulation! (not to let them cry in pain or hunger mind you!)

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